Why Choose AxiomaticAI?

AxiomaticAI is an innovative Trader-Centric Fintech that is Broker Independent and FCM Neutral. Our services are designed for retail traders, in need of advanced tools to achieve better controls over their trading activities and achieve long-term success. Continual expansion of our partner network benefits traders greatly. Traders gain access to an even wider range of financial instruments, all from a single trading platform.

Transparency & Integrity

No Hidden Fees or Agendas

Technology & Security

Access to the latest technology and best in class Data Security

Flexibility – Multi FCM Support

Bespoke solutions catering to your needs

Faster Real-Time Market Data & Order Routing

AxioGateway – There is nothing like it anywhere in the world for Futures Trading. We are the “Edge” you wanted to compete at the highest levels.


You’ll realize a number of benefits by using the AxioGateway for trade executions:

  • True Direct Market Access Gateway

  • Server Level Risk Management Tools

  • Our extensive FCM partner network

  • Advanced Productivity and Analytics Tools


The choice for millions of Futures, forex and stock traders

We use the MetaTrader 5 trading platform — a proven and powerful multi-functional platform for forex and exchange markets. MetaTrader5 is an all-in-one platform for trading forex, stocks and futures. It offers outstanding trading possibilities and technical analysis tools while enabling the use of automated trading systems and copy trading.

MetaTrader 5 enables trading from smartphones and tablets, which allows greater freedom of movement for traders and 24/7 trading possibilities. Additional services expand the functionality of the platform even more, making its capabilities practically limitless.

Our Pricing Plans

Pick the Pricing Package That's Right For Your Business Goals.

STARTER $19.99

Per Month

Setup Fee   Waived

Trips Included   1

Real Accounts   1

Demo Account : 1

No of FCM : 1

Wallet Deposit : $ 100

Platform Fee : $ 0.15/per side

NON-PRO $149.99

Per Month

Setup Fee   Waived

Trips Included   1000

Real Accounts   1

Demo Account : 1

No of FCM : 1

Wallet Deposit : $ 200

Platform Fee : $ 0.14/per side

PRO $339.99

Per Month

Setup Fee   Waived

Trips Included   2500

Real Accounts   1

Demo Account : 1

No of FCM : 1

Wallet Deposit : $ 500

Platform Fee : $ 0.13/per side


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